Dr Semple performs Cosmetic and Functional Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Surgery.

In October 2015 in Sydney, Dr Semple was an invited instructor at an International Rhinoplasty Masters Symposium dissection workshop for Plastic and ENT Surgeons.

Rhinoplasty may provide a subtle but significant improvement in your facial appearance. However, just as importantly it should improve or maintain good nasal function.

Many people dislike their nose for a variety of reasons. Even a slight alteration to your nose can have a dramatic impact on the appearance of your face and put the focus where it should be: on your eyes, skin, or another of your best features. Some may also have nasal problems such as obstruction, snoring or sinus disorders.

A successful rhinoplasty begins with a frank discussion of what you hope to change about your nose. During preoperative visits, with the aid of photos, Dr Semple develops a thorough understanding of your desired outcomes and ensures appropriate expectations. By carefully listening to your wishes Dr Semple is able to realistically advise you how surgery may improve your nasal appearance so that it may complement your other facial features.

Prior to any nasal procedure, nasal function will be carefully and thoroughly assessed. A deviated nasal septum, sinus disease or enlarged turbinates may or may not be symptomatic prior to rhinoplasty but will be detected during examination.

When performed by a qualified surgeon such as Dr Semple the risks of rhinoplasty are low. Patients recover quickly and are back to work within a week, returning to their normal routine within a few weeks.